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Company Profile

With more than 15 years of experience in the construction of swimming pools, the Austrian-based company Niro-Pool takes great pride in carrying the well-known trademark MADE IN AUSTRIA. Offering the highest possible range of adaptability, stainless steel pools by Niro-Pool are individually made-to-measure to fit any and all sizes and installation sites.

While the company’s main business focus is primarily directed towards German-speaking countries, Niro-pools are scattered across all of Europe. Ranging from the individual planning of your custom-made pool and ready-for-use in-house productions in Ampflwang to the complete assembly performed by well-versed experts, Niro-Pool offers a plethora of services tailored to your personal needs.

Alongside the reconstruction of stainless steel pools, Niro-Pool also takes sustainable care of the support of any and all technical facilities complementing your individual pool, including water treatment. Consequently, Niro-Pool is the one-stop supplier for pools and pool equipment alike. Last but not least, a swift and efficient customer service rounds off the range of services.

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